five faves time

Pip is encouraging us to share our faves again –

#5 – I love this made from scratch boys tie and am wondering what the chances might be that I could actually get cj to wear one.

#4 – springtime + peanut m&ms =

#3 – turns out lulu has been going around and picking up scraps of fabric while I’m sewing and squirrels them away in a bag.  When I asked why, she said “FOR ART”

So huzzah for bags of fabric!

#2 – thimbles – I have started to hand quilt the mostly french general quilt and my fingers would be a wreck without these little lovelies.

#1 – Kinder Surprise eggs.  Can someone please tell me why these are NOT available in the US?  They are always filled with the cutest toys.  When the spouse heads off to some foreign land, lulu requests these.

Here’s what I’m up to today – finishing up the ties on this one.

5 thoughts on “five faves time

  1. Violet & Rose says:

    I love those m&m’s. I wonder if we have them in australia. I will have to be on the lookout.

    And no kinder surprise! We hardly make it through a supermarket checkout without a kinder surprise! Which may be a blessing for you …..

  2. Ann says:

    Your quilt looks amazing! I would love the patience to stick to such a big project! Looks like the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree, either 🙂

  3. mybricole says:

    Lou Lou and Violet & Rose – Sounds like we should have a candy swap 🙂

    Ann – thanks I didn’t expect to make such a big quilt, but I loved the fabric so much I couldn’t resist.

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