chalk the walk

My little town is hidden away in the midwest.  We don’t have big box stores, or oversized museums, or fancy skyscrapers.  We’re all right with that though, because what we do have, is a community.  We catch up with friends at the Lincoln Cafe,

(photo credit to Derek on this one)

we stop for coffee at fuel,

we take walks along tree-lined streets and hang out in the park,

and on the first weekend in May, we Chalk the Walk.

The artists start working on their spots on Saturday morning and then finish up on Sunday.  It’s great to stop in on  Saturday morning and see what people will be recreating, and then see the work progress over the weekend.

saturday –

sunday –

saturday –

sunday –

We popped up on Saturday evening, after the artists had called it a night.  During the day the streets are filled with people so it’s difficult to get pictures.

There is also an oversize community picture that takes over the entire street and people fill in foot square sections to complete the picture.  This year’s picture was from the Wizard of Oz.  Here’s lulu working on our square.

Then we stopped in Sunday to see it all finished,

along with checking out the progress on all the other squares.

Oh and I mustn’t forget the cheesecake

It was creamy lemony perfection.

Now I must sew tote bags together because they seem to lack the ambition to sew themselves.

happy monday everyone!

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