of water heaters and the royal wedding

I don’t know if this happens to other sewists, but often when I look back at a project I remember what was going on while I was working on it.

While piecing together my desserts quilt…

I was watching the first season of Jamie Oliver’s food revolution.

It took forever to baste my graphic bricks quilt…

because I was caught up in “Vincent and the Doctor” and “the Lodger” from Doctor Who.

I just finished this quilt.  It’s for the kids to curl up in during movie night.  Lulu chose all the fabric, kindly keeping in mind that she loves monkeys and cj loves owls.

I was having a new water heater installed while I was piecing the blocks.  I tried to distract myself with the cutting of the triangles, in an effort to ignore the pounding that was going on in the basement.  (who knew moving some pipes around could be so noisy?)

By the time I was ready to finish the binding, it was the royal wedding day.  I was able to stitch my way through the ceremony and ended up with a perfect quilt for the kids’ movie night.

what do you think?

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