summer days

Seems like it rains everyday, but we have managed to sneak in some outside time.

Lulu is blending colors for the perfect sunset.

I conducted a little picnic blanket experiment.

I got a great deal on some fabric and was desperate to make something loaded with pattern.

I also tried out some applique with satin stitch.

I frenchified picnic to picnique which was not without incident.  After I had everything fused AND stitched down I realized my u was upside down.  After a few choice sewing words, I had it the right way.

It has flannel instead of batting so it’s lightweight.  I used crochet thread to tie it.  Instead of making a binding I left the backing 1 3/4″ wider, folded it over onto the front, and machine stitched it.

Here’s the back.

We are in the midst of planning for next week’s big event.

Someone here is turning 7!

what do you think?

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