kitchy kitchen curtains

I went on a little fabric expedition with Jeni and Megan last month to Olive Juice.  I grabbed this Melody Miller fabric within seconds of walking in the door.

The little stars have that 50’s feel that I adore and the little white dishes reminded me of my favorite fire king refrigerator dishes.  I didn’t really know what I would do with it, but while standing at the cutting table I knew I came up with a plan for kitchen curtains so I could see the fabric every day.

I love the ease of curtain clips, but don’t like the  look of the clips so I stitched a band to the back of the header so the clips aren’t as visible.

I also slipped some header tape in the top so the top holds it’s shape.

On these curtains the header tape was just stitched and the bottom.  It should have been tucked into the sides, but I forgot.  oops…don’t tell my mom.

9 thoughts on “kitchy kitchen curtains

  1. mybricole says:

    Ashley, it’s called header tape and can be found in the drapery section of most big box fabric stores. Sometimes it’s fibrous like a heavy interfacing, but lately more stores are starting to carry a version that is a lightweight plastic.

  2. Rhonda says:

    Great idea, Ashley! I’m a little confused on attaching the band. Is it sewn through both layers of the curtain, or is it attached only to the back part of the curtain?

  3. mybricole says:

    Thanks Rhonda. The band is stitched to the back part of the curtain that folds down. That way the stitching doesn’t show on the front.

  4. Candy Fellers says:

    Those are about the cutest thing I have ever seen. Great directions! I’m going to try them today! Thanks!

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