poinsettia pillow

Every year my bunco group does one of those gift exchanges where you draw numbers and take turns opening packages.  It’s the kind of thing that starts out civil but ends with stealing and fits of laughter.

I made this pillow for the swap.

It’s made with a khaki cotton that has a linen look that’s on a 12 inch pillow form.  The poinsettia petals are cut out of ivory felt and stitched down with linen floss.  I used buttonhole twist thread to stitch the jingle bells.

Today I’m doing my best to finish up some presents and getting started on this years teacher gifts – hope the oven is ready.


8 thoughts on “poinsettia pillow

  1. mybricole says:

    thanks so much ladies!
    Bunco is a dice game. It’s big with moms who use it as a chance to get together once a month to play with friends, but mostly we just eat and chat.

  2. mybricole says:

    Thank you for your comment. I can assure you that I made this pillow with my own two hands. I don’t doubt that you may have a similar pillow. I based my design on a pillow I saw in a 2011 Pottery Barn catalog.

  3. barb says:

    i also have the same pillow…You did an amazing job recreating it. the felt on the original was a little thicker and the bells are darker. Love yours

  4. Corinne Mcgee says:

    Just love this pillow. My best friend wants one. So I am actually going two make two for her couch. I am going to tweak them a little so she can use them year round.

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