the neglectful blogger



I’ve been sewing, honest, I have.  I’ve been sewing so much that a lot of other things have been thrown by the wayside.  Important things like taking pictures of projects and writing posts and ironing.

I’m doing surprisingly well at keeping up with my 365.


These are a couple of photos from February.

I’m also following along with Faith’s Solstice series over at Fresh Lemons Quilts.

Here’s what I have so far…

I’m loving how they are coming together.


3 thoughts on “the neglectful blogger

  1. notsewquiet says:

    Oh my word, what lovely blocks. Totally in awe of those.

    Beautiful pictures, all of them, even if you’ve made me hungry. 😉

    Consider me a neglectful blogger alas I’ve not been so productive. I need to light a fire under me. lol

    Thanks for pointing out Fresh Lemons Quilts. I think I’ll be stuck there for awhile.

    Happy crafting!

  2. mybricole says:

    I was just looking for a picture of the finished quilt BUT I never posted it here! It’s in my etsy shop if you want to see it. It turned out sooooo cute! I loved working with that star series!

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