a mini quilt for the dining table

Megan is hosting the Fresh Mini Quilt Club.  It’s a 6 month series, so at the end of six months you will have made six super cute mini quilts.  I had never made a mini quilt before this one, but they are a great way to build your skill set.  You can try different piecing techniques without being overwhelmed and they are perfect for testing out your free motion quilting skills without wrestling an entire quilt through your machine.

03-13 mini quilt

I used a layer of Insul-Bright along with a layer of warm & white for the batting so I could use this as a trivet on the dining table.

03-13 mini quilt on tableIt was so satisfying to make this complete project in one day.  I know I’ll be making more minis in the future.

And just a bit of housekeeping…

Google reader is shutting down on July 1 so I thought I would suggest bloglovin’ as a replacement.  It looks great, is easy to use, and has an app so you can catch up on your favorite blogs where ever you are.

5 thoughts on “a mini quilt for the dining table

  1. anna says:

    love it so much, those colors are beautiful! and I can’t decide between feedly and bloglovin, it’s driving me kind of crazy though!

  2. spouse says:

    That’s cooler than Saskatoon in the dead of winter. Send via Bloglovin’. I’m headed home.

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